NeoMagType G (9mm / 40 S&W)


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Having extra ammo is at your finger tips is never a bad thing and we are big advocates of keeping it simple. The NeoMag allows you to easily and securely conceal a spare mag  in your pants pocket.


NeoMag Type G is designed specifically for
a stronger hold on Glock magazines. 

We do not recommend to use the Type G on steel magazines.

Works with most Single and Double stack magazines

Sizing Exception:

  • Glock OEM Magazines work!  ETS and Magpul do not
  • STI 9mm Mags need a large size
Other Details:
  • Material: Blacknitride Steel
  • Clip: Titanium
  • Magnets: Dual Neodymium
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty


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