K.I.S. Med Pack V2

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Last year we proudly introduced our first truly unique OEM nylon product, the K.I.S (Keep It Simple) med pack. Now we’re back at it, bringing you a slightly better version.

The K.I.S V2 med pack was created with one thing in mind, to allow anyone and everyone a realistic and affordable option to conceal everyday carry the essential medical supplies. Not over thought, not over engineered, just keep it simple. No more excuses, never leave home without it.

The K.I.S V2 pouch is constructed of heavy duty Cordura Nylon and Squadron, with a tapered shape to allow for ease of exit when removing the medical supplies inside. The pouch includes a laser cut front panel which allows for the end user to utilize a variety of clip options to allow for easy attachment anywhere along your waistline.

The insert is made of strong elastic with a pull tab, loop for gloves and one sided stitching which allows for easy access to the supplies while still maintaining a secure fitment.

The K.I.S V2 med pack is available fully stocked with Quikclot Zfold combat gauze, Twin hyfin vented chest seals and gloves.

Or sold as a stand alone pouch.

Kit dimensions are 6”x 4.5” x 1” thick, weighing in at 5oz fully stocked.

Made in the USA.

7 reviews for K.I.S. Med Pack V2

  1. S

    The KIS pack kicks ass. I’ve been carrying it everyday for a few weeks now and I am so stoked to have finally found a real solution for edc med. Good job guys!

  2. Clinton (verified owner)

    This setup is awesome. Im 6’1” 238. Not a small person by any definition. Pouch fits comfortably ran down the front of my right leg. Kit deploys easily training with it. Movement is comfortable… sitting and driving is comfortable. Easy way to have medical on you day to day.

  3. Scoundrel (verified owner)

    This is best addition to my EDC in years. Allows me to carry medical while I’m wearing my Levi 511’s. I’ve been carrying the KIS for 2 weeks now. Averaging about 9 hours a day with it on. I carry at the 11 o clock position and can say that it doesn’t interfere with everyday activities. The “sled” that holds the contents deploys smoothly from the pouch. I’m very satisfied with the overall construction of the K.I.S. and the thought put into it.

  4. Clinton (verified owner)

    Hi, it’s me again. Went on vacation to nyc. Had the k.i.s med pack down the front of my right thigh. 25,000 steps and on and off the subway all day. Didn’t even notice it was there. Such a great product.

  5. Trace Parrott (verified owner)

    I ordered the KIS V2 with med included. My order was fulfilled incredibly fast. Guerrilla has never kept me waiting long enough for me to even check for updates. They are always prompt and way ahead of schedule. As for the product itself, it is rigid and solid quality. I like the DCC clips as they will never come undone even under heavy stress. The med kit sits flush even in summer clothing. I EDC their holsters, tourniquet ECS and now the KIS V2 and I don’t look any different than the guy next time me at the grocery checkout. It is a comfortable and practical solution to having critical med kit and comfort and I couldn’t recommend the product and the company enough. Thank you guerrilla tactical.

  6. Matt JP (verified owner)

    BLUF: if you carry concealed, you should absolutely own and EDC the KIS.

    I will be honest, I was skeptical of how comfortable & concealable this would actually be when I bought it, and I am happy to report that my doubts were unfounded. I carry it appendix opposite my carry gun, and not only is it almost invisible, it actually ever-so-slightly spreads out the pressure from my holster and makes my whole EDC more comfortable. But most importantly, the elastic insert that contains the med deploys quickly & effortlessly, so I know I’ll be able to access it if/when I need it.

  7. Drew (verified owner)

    Great little kit very low pro I opted to fill with my own contents pretty much the same except I added nar gecko tape to act as a holder for the combat gauze or to make make shift chest seals other than that I think it’s a great idea

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