Expedient Carry System (E.C.S)

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The E.C.S (Expedient Carry System) allows the end user to comfortably and effectively everyday carry a Snakestaff ETQ or ETQ wide Tourniquet with ease.

Similarly to how you would carry a pocket knife, the E.C.S allows you to conceal your TQ right in your pocket, ready for rapid deployment, literally at your fingertips.

The E.C.S has a low profile design, made from .080 CNC cut Kydex, featuring the APEX ARC clip for maximum hold and allowing for ride height adjustment.

Retention is easily adjusted via the supplied braided shock cord, we suggest 3 loops for the ETQ mini and 2 loops for the ETQ wide.

The E.C.S, although created around the Snakestaff Systems ETQ TQs, can hold other stuff too. i.e if you prefer to run your TQ in an appendix holsters mag carrier the E.C.S can carry your spare 9MM mag.

Say goodbye to ranger bands, nylon or loose TQs getting lost in your pockets. The E.C.S ensures the fast and accurate deployment of your TQ when you need it most.

Don’t get caught slipping without essential med supplies, no more excuses, never leave home without it.

-Made from CNC cut .080″ Kydex.

-1.5″ APEX ARC clip for a firm hold on your pants pocket.

-Adjustable ride height.

-Adjustable retention.

*Tourniquets pictured not included*

3 reviews for Expedient Carry System (E.C.S)

  1. Matt B.

    Awesome carry system for my TQ – fits right in my pocket. Can deploy with one hand, only system that can do that to my knowledge.

  2. Nick (verified owner)

    Makes EDCing a TQ way easier.
    Been wanting to try and carry a TQ daily more often, but haven’t really found anything on the market to work for EDC needs. Never liked just sticking one in my pocket because it would move around or print, etc.

    Been carrying this for a week now and I’m thoroughly impressed with how nicely it keep the TQ situated in my pocket without even noticing it’s there. It’s easy to grab and deploy my Snakestaff TQ and tuck in nicely next to my knife.

  3. Megan

    I keep this on my enigma chassis under my blouse, yoga pants, dress, et cetera and it fits nicely and is unnoticeable, both to me and others. I’m so happy to be able to carry a firearm and a tq wherever I go!

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