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Our “Low Pro” design is the most concealable of the IWB holsters we make. Our Low Pro design comes standard with 2 points of retention to ensure a snug fit and a modwing claw attachment which pushes against your belt forcing the weapon to hug your body, minimizing the overall imprint of the pistol. All Low Pro holsters are made to accommodate optics, suppressor height sights and threaded barrels. If you run a comp please mention the brand name in the order notes. Made to accommodate the Phlster Enigma chassis.


  • Made from .08″ Kydex.
  • Built to accept the weapon light of your choosing.
  • Comes standard with a modwing to lessen overall imprint.
  • Please note Phlster Enigma chassis sold separately.
  • Made to accommodate optics, suppressor height sights and threaded barrels.

*Please note none of our holsters are made to accommodate aftermarket rail systems. If you have any questions about this, shoot us an email.

*To cut down on materials waste, please note that due to overall length,  holsters made for the TLR1, X300 and PL350 may only allow a mid length sweat guard height *

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6 reviews for Low Pro – Light Compatible Enigma Ready

  1. Marcus (verified owner)

    I’m 5’10 240 lbs, and I carry a Glock 19 Gen5 with a TLR-7A (primarily AIWB) in this holster.

    I’ve tried about half a dozen holsters to find “the one” that just checks all the boxes for me, and Guerilla Tactical absolutely delivers with this product. It fits my lifestyle in how it’s comfortable enough to wear all day, whether I’m involved in extended physical activity or driving/sitting. It’s got good retention indexing off of your weapon light– you can flip this thing upsidedown, shake it and it’s not going anywhere. This holster in combination with DCC clips offers excellent grab to any belt or even athletic clothing waistbands. Also, the overall design of this holster allows me to get away with wearing form fitting shirts without printing.

    Finally, as the product description states, this holster is designed for 100% compatibility with the Phlster Enigma for a more dynamic means of carrying your handgun.

    I’m impressed.

  2. Scott (verified owner)

    I’m 5’8″ 170lbs. I carry a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus 4″ with a TLR-6 and a Holosun 407k.

    I contacted Guerrilla Tactical before making the purchase to make sure that my Shield Plus will fit the Shield model, and they were very prompt with their response.

    I got this holster to use with my Light Compatible Enigma, as PHLster doesn’t offer an option for that setup, and I am very pleased with my purchase. No modification was needed for the retention of my Shield Plus. Kydex was easy to cut to modify to my comfort. Mounting the holster to the Enigma was a straightforward process.

    Shipping was very fast. I placed the order on a Friday morning, and the holster was shipped 5 business days after.

  3. Travis Gage (verified owner)

    I bought a light compatible Enigma set up for my Glock 19.5 with a X300U-A a few months ago. It allows me to, fairly easily, conceal this big, giant gun and not print like crazy. Would definitely recommend anyone to get this option if Phlster doesn’t carry what you need!

  4. J. O. (verified owner)

    just incredible.
    customer service is amazing and i cannot stress how much i enjoyed the low pro. i VERY much recommend this over what phlster offers, this holster is just an absolute blessing of a tool.

  5. DD (verified owner)

    6’0″, 180ish lbs, carrying a CZ P-01 w/ TLR-7A. I do not use the Enigma with this setup, I just wanted the option. I carry appendix with a Mastermind Tactics pillow as well.

    First off, I wanted to whine about the minor gripes and little, petty quirks I’ve found with this otherwise phenomenal holster after carrying for about a month. One of the first things I noticed right out of the box is that the screws that hold the modwing in place also control retention. Getting my holster dialed in to the retention I wanted meant that the modwing claw was too loose on the holster body and the claw would pivot with very little pressure and wouldn’t stay put to where I wanted it. The wing would cant off to one side when I’d put the holster on. This was fixed by grabbing a simple rubber washer out of a tap reseater kit and adding that to the existing washer for the wing/retention screws. I essentially added a spacer with an additional bushing/washer, and this allowed me to dial in my retention with the wing barely moving during handling. This little annoyance can be directly attributed to the design of the holster – other holsters on the market use independent retention screws of the modwing, but this design choice with the Low Pro Enigma might be due to the fact that it’s a light bearing holster and this may limit how retention is ultimately handled, but I’m not sure.

    I’ve also found that the inside kydex of the holster doesn’t have a glossy sheen or finish to it like some other manufacturers, and because of this there is a fair amount of kydex dust that is produced when holstering and unholstering your gun. The gun scraping up against the inside of the holster creates fine residue or powder that ends up all over your gun and light. It’s not a huge deal, and the residue starts to diminish the more you use it, but it’s just annoying. I have zero concern that it would cause any reliability issues with cycling, and this dust can simply be blown off the gun. But even after a month of consistent dry fire and holstering/unholstering, this dust still appears sporadically on my P-01.

    Now on to the good stuff. This holster rocks, period. I got the Tiger Stripe pattern, and it’s fucking sick. The kydex is top notch and the molding looks great. It fits my pistol like a glove and feels incredibly durable and reliable. The DCC clips that I also got with it are awesome, can’t recommend those enough. I feel that some kind of wedge is critical with a bulkier setup like mine, so I sprung for a Mastermind Tactics pillow and it really stepped my comfort game up a couple notches. This thing conceals damn well with just an XL t-shirt despite the bulk of my gun and even better with a hoodie, pull over or flannel. Despite my initial pet peeves that aren’t even a big deal, I highly recommend this holster. No regrets, I really like it and the mag carrier. They just work.

    I also reached out to the shop to help me troubleshoot an issue with my mag carrier I also purchased (user error, I’m an idiot.) The customer service was phenomenal and they patiently explained how to rectify my issue. They even recorded a personal video explaining how the mag carrier operates. Exceptional customer service, they were quick to respond and didn’t make me feel like a dumbass, so kudos.

    I really like this company and what they’re putting out. If you’re on the fence, just pull the trigger. I really like this rig.

  6. Brian (verified owner)

    My first GT holster was so good, I ordered this second one with Enigma compatibility for a new go-anywhere subcompact. As expected the fitment is good, the retention is appropriately firm, and the edges are nicely finished. On a standard carry belt the double DCC clips attach securely and the modwing helps it conceal nicely. On the Enigma belt it’s just about invisible. Good stuff.

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