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Our “Low Pro” design is the most concealable of the IWB holsters we make. Our Low Pro design comes standard with 2 points of retention to ensure a snug fit and a modwing claw attachment which pushes against your belt forcing the weapon to hug your body, minimizing the overall imprint of the pistol. Made to accommodate red dots, suppressor height sights and threaded barrels. If you have a comp please inform us of the type in the order notes.

  • Made from .08″ Kydex.
  • A Modwing attachment to lessen overall imprint.
  • Accommodates red dots, suppressor height sights and threaded barrels.


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16 reviews for Low Pro

  1. WT

    Great, discreet holster, even for a full-size pistol like my Glock 22. The custom claw attachment really helps reduce printing. Made with the usual care and attention to detail that GT always provides. Recommended.

  2. R. Carlson (verified owner)

    This is an excellent and comfortable holster. The ride height within the belt is perfect for a quick and confident draw. It also aides in the overall comfort of this appendix holster. With all those pros, excellent customer service and a message of inclusivity that I support, I find myself being a customer for life. Keep up the excellent work, GT!

  3. JN (verified owner)

    Super fast customer service, shipped within quoted time frame, comfortable, and discreet holster. CZ Compact fits my clone (Canik/Tristar C100). Couldn’t ask for more, thanks GT.

  4. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Guerrilla worked with me on a custom order for my SAR 9 and followed up to make sure it arrived after there was unforeseen USPS problems. I’m incredibly happy with the product itself. It’s gorgeous and fits like a dream. Works well both with plain leather belts of the proper size and heavy nylon “every day cary” belts on blue jeans and other pants. Versatile enough for appendix, side, or 5 o’clock with minimal printing of paired with a long shirt and comfortably pushes the gun against your body and not into it. I will definitely be commissioning GT again for any future holster purchases. Solidarity.

  5. Andrew

    So I’m a big dude. Last time I weighed myself about 320. I struggle being comfortable in clothes without having a gun shoved inside my waistband. This low pro is nuts. Super comfy in any position (have been playing around with appendix 3 and 5, currently loving 3) and it disappears. It took my husband a while to guess which side and he knew I had it on me. The ability to change the cant is awesome. It literally feels like it’s made for me. Glad I spent the money on a good holster. Will be getting my business again this summer for my full size so I can do some 2 gun competitions.

  6. Brian bocchino (verified owner)

    I have two of these, one black multicam for a g26, and another black multicam for the hkp2000. Definitely recommend the color options, they came out super clean!
    The Glock 26 felt really nice in the low profile as expected, but I really didn’t notice it was there, when moving around, sitting etc. I went to try out the p2000, as being a little bigger to expect a little printing, uncomfort etc.
    happy to report that the p2000 (glock19 size) completely disappears in this low pro, and is very comfortable.
    Aside from the quality products, the customer service is amazing. Super fast replies, over weekends, and order processing, manufacturing and shipping was really fast as well!

  7. Dave (verified owner)

    Absolutely top notch holster, comfortable, great retention out of the box, and I can wear a t-shirt and carrying my Glock 17. After a few weeks with this I ordered the Rig and its already shipped, can’t recommend these holsters enough!

  8. Steve (verified owner)

    The low pro is my first and last IWB holster for my 43X. Craftsmanship is amazing and it’s insanely comfortable carrying at 3 o’clock. I drive all day for my job and I forgot I’m wearing it sometimes. Definitely going to be getting another for my G17!

  9. Steve Ruby (verified owner)

    Picked this up for a Sig SP2022. Not only did it arrive ahead of the quoted date, but it manages to make a full size handgun virtually disappear. This isn’t the first holster I’ve gotten from GT, and it definitely won’t be my last.

  10. James (verified owner)

    I have two low-pro’s , a rig, and a light bearing low-pro and they are the most comfortable, reliable holsters I’ve ever owned! Not to mention GT has THE best customer service in the game. This is a 5 star company!

  11. C (verified owner)

    First off im a newbie, GT answered all my questions in an unexpectedly timely fashion, was thorough, and even answered questions not related to GT’s products. The holster itself arrived approx two weeks earlier than the expected lead time. It fits my Canik TP9SF Elite perfectly, snug and easy to draw from. Comfortable on my on my belt and is concealed. 100% happy and the customer service is worth the price alone.

  12. N (verified owner)

    Ordered my first low pro, and it showed up well before expected lead time. Perfect ride height and retention out of the box, proper Kydex trim work. Can wear appendix or 3o’clock for all day comfortably; in both positions the pistol disappears. GT certainly takes the cake for attention to detail and customer service. Emails are replied to quickly and professionally. The product is top-notch and finished off cleanly. Can’t ask for more.

  13. Wes (verified owner)

    Just got it today. Already in love! It came weeks before expected date and is extremely comfortable.

  14. Mike (verified owner)

    I upgraded to the low pro from my first holster, a garbage brand that rhymes with knuckle tyke’s.
    This holster is super comfortable and had virtually eliminated any printing. Well worth the money.

  15. Jackie (verified owner)

    Fantastic holster. Delivered in 15 days. Finish is perfect, fits my gun like a glove.
    Seriously the most comfortable IWB kydex holster I’ve owned, and no printing. If you are hesitating, don’t. You won’t be dissatisfied.

  16. J.T. (verified owner)

    Fantastic holster. It’s a big upgrade for me and my G43x. I’m a smaller guy and I was struggling with printing issues which made me hesitant to carry anything other than my LCR. I absolutely love this holster and this company’s inclusive attitude towards gun culture. Bravo Zulu, GT.

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