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The “SBS”  is a dedicated appendix carry holster featuring a built-in mag carrier. This holster system allows for you to have your weapon readily available at a moments notice while allowing for the peace of mind, knowing that you have a spare magazine at your fingertips if you’re in a pinch.


  • Made from .08″ Kydex
  • Two 5 hole straight clips that allow for tucked in shirts with adjustable ride height
  • A custom claw attachment to lessen overall imprint.
  • Funneled opening that allows for a smoother “no-look” re-holster
  • Made to accommodate firearms equipped with or without RMR/Red Dot & Suppressor Height Sights
  • Made to accommodate threaded barrels, if you run a compensator mention the brand in the order notes.
  • Quick tip! Add Discreet Carry Concepts 1.75″ clips for added comfort and concealability.
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5 reviews for Side by Side

  1. D

    Absolutely amazing holster. Previous to getting this thing a few weeks ago, I genuinely did not enjoy carrying as much as I do now. Retention of the firearm and magazine were spot on right out of the box. I really cannot recommend enough, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Zachery Thompson

    Hands down, best holster I’ve ever owned. I am 5’9″ ~220lbs and a strength athlete with a bit of the stereotypical “power belly” and I am still able to conceal my P365xl with a 15 round mag and 12 round spare under a tee shirt. Build quality is excellent, good retention our of the box with solid hardware and no sharp edges. After buying and using this holster, I will be hard pressed to buy from anyone else in the future.

  3. Brian bocchino (verified owner)

    So I picked up a new ccw, HK p2000, and love it, however it’s HK’s red headed stepchild, in that it has very few aftermarket options including holsters.
    I reached out to GT, and asked if maybe a p30 holster could work. They responded quickly, saying that they could make a p2000 mold for this holster and I checked and they put it on the sight all within an hour (or less) of reaching out.
    I got black and blood red and this thing came out sweet! They really hustle over there, got this way sooner than expected.
    Holster is adjustable, but I love where it’s sits the way it came. This is probably the most comfortable holster, and I thought I’d have to sacrifice comfort and concealment for the extra mag. But nope! Super comfortable and concealable, and I’d highly recommend getting one

  4. Brian (verified owner)

    I have to admit, I was skeptical getting a IWB holster for my Glock 17.
    I have a compact sized pistol, and sub compact pistol that I have GT holsters for and they’re concealable and comfortable for EDC. But was worried the full size Glock would print or be uncomfortable. I got the holster today, and wore it around the house. This is the most comfortable and concealable holster I’ve used, especially for a full sized pistol! Goes to show, the right hardware, you can carry anything.
    10/10 would recommend. No printing, no discomfort moving around, and the gun and mag have a distinct tactile click when holstering. Very satisfied with Guerrilla tactical, and looking nowhere else for my next holster.


  5. Jackie Garcia (verified owner)

    I was gonna generally say this here, but since I’ve seen the atrocity you’ve committed, I’m pinging you.

    I’ve been using Guerrilla Tactical’s side-by-side holster, and it’s scary comfy. I was bending, stooping, and crouching under desks today while wearing it. Its specifically for appendix carry, but if their low-pro and other holsters are designed with as much intention as the SBS, you won’t regret getting any GT holster.

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