Surefire X300 Turbo


-The new SureFire Turbo Series handgun WeaponLight generates a tightly focused, 66,000-candela beam pattern.

-The X300T-A attachment system permits secure, rapid attachment to and easy removal from Universal and Picatinny accessory rails.

-The X300T-B model T-slot thumbscrew clamp provides secure attachment to Universal and Picatinny accessory rails.

-Intuitive switching allows instant activation without altering grip; Accessory switches for pistols and tape switches for long guns are available.

-X300T-A and X300T-B fit existing X300U-A and X300U-B holsters respectively; there’s no need to swap holsters to go Turbo

KEY ATTRIBUTES: HIGH OUTPUT 650 lumens, HIGH RUNTIME 1.5 hours, PEAK BEAM INTENSITY 66,000 candela, BATTERIES Two 123A lithium (incl.),SWITCHING Ambidextrous push / toggle.

LENGTH: 3.76 in (9.55 cm)
HIGH RUNTIME: 1.5 hours
DISTANCE: 514 meters

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