The Big Rig – Light Compatible

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“The Big Rig” is our thigh rig option,  built tough and ready to be put to the test. The one piece fold over design comes complete with a Safariland mid ride UBL and the Quick Locking System and an optional level II thumb break.

  • Made from .08″ Kydex.
  • Molded to fit the light of your choosing.
  • Drilled for the Safariland Quick Locking System.
  • Two points of retention to ensure proper fit.
  • Optional level II thumb break.

*Please note none of our holsters are made to accommodate aftermarket rail systems. If you have any questions about this, shoot us an email.

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14 reviews for The Big Rig – Light Compatible

  1. Tres

    Picked up a Big Rig because I wanted a retention strap for the holster I run on my belt. The thumb release is the way to go vs any type of Serpa Design. After a little break in period with dry fire, everything works flawlessly. Weapon retention’s super important. The Big Rig meets that need, and you don’t have to purchase something from a bootlicking company complicit in war crimes around the world. Def recommend

  2. Mike (verified owner)

    Fantastic holster. Great value for money as well when considered that it is hand-made to order, and comes with the mid-ride setup and thigh strap. Will definitely be ordering from GT again for future holsters.

    Retention is strong, holster fits my sidearm combo nicely, couldn’t be happier.

    CZ P10C + TLR7a

  3. James (verified owner)

    This showed up in the mail quicker than I was expecting. Fits my setup perfectly right out of the package. Quality is top notch. So far I’ve purchased this (along with an IFAK from them) and will definitely be giving them more of my business.

  4. Aaron (verified owner)

    Love the big rig. Retention strap is really nice. Fits my cz p10c with tlr7a like a glove. Might be picking up a lo pro for conceal carry while I can still get The Shining floor pattern. Great company, have referred people here before and will again. You won’t be disappointed.

  5. R.D. (verified owner)

    I bought the Light-Bearing Big Rig with the the thumb break retention for my Gen 3 G19 with a Holosun red dot and a TLR-7a weapon light about 7 months ago. I have an extended mag release, which proved to be no issue at all. The holster has survived going to the outdoor range twice a month, whether in over 100 degree heat or light rain, with the occasional Kasarda drill, and almost daily dry fire. The thumb retention works really well and has a satisfying snap sound when opening.
    The Ranger Green color of the Kydex matches the RG of the Ferro Bison Belt and PC pretty well.
    I’ve had good experiences with Guerrilla, and will continue to come here for Kydex and medical.

  6. bkalbs (verified owner)

    Great holster! I wanted to get one of these for my Canik, but had some initial questions/concerns about fit for my particular model. The GT team was super helpful in answering my questions. The holster shipped fast and is really well made. Fits my pistol like a glove.

  7. Mike (verified owner)

    Just got my light compatible big rig with level II thumb break and couldn’t be happier. Fits my Sig perfectly. Retention is excellent. Thumb break action is easy and smooth. Such a good value with the Safariland mid ride UBL, GLS and GT strap. Thanks guys.

    Sig P320 X-Full + Surefire X300U

  8. Nelson (verified owner)

    I have a glock 17 3rd gen with the TLR 1 light. The custom design of the holster fits its perfectly! I got the add on thumb lock and it’s definitely worth it. The main part I was worried about was the leg strap since I don’t skip leg day and other straps had been too small. However, the leg strap fits great and I can’t complain. 10/10 would recommend!

  9. Max Yonts (verified owner)

    I got a level 2 retention holster retention holster for a cz p-10f with a x300u and a red dot. Fits perfectly and with some minimal adjustment the retention is perfect. I love the mounting setup it comes with and the leg strap. Quick turnaround too. Will recommend and will be a return customer.

  10. Dylan

    Yo thanks for taking the time to walk me through this. I appreciate the hell out of it, and can’t wait to run this thing.


  11. Nick (verified owner)

    I fucked up and didn’t get the thumb break (by accident,) but still a pretty bangin’ holster. Wish I didn’t have to buy a second one to replace it but that’s on me.

  12. Victor

    This is my 2nd holster from Guerrilla Tactical. These guys are my go to fast turn around and super quality stuff. I took a course that had a lot of running jumping etc etc and my pistol never popped out of my holster. So when I got a new gun there was no question who was going to make the holster.

  13. Cowboy

    This is my second holster from GT, and they’ve once again gone above and beyond. I ordered the model for the Canik TP9SFX even though I planned on putting a Canik Mete SFX in it which led to some initial fitment issues (these things happen when you try to put a slightly differently sized gun in a holster lol) and I reached out to GT. They offered me some tips, and shipped me some extra hardware free of charge to get my gun fitting snuggly and drawing smoothly. I’m incredibly pleased with the quality of the product, as well as the absolutely stellar customer service that Guerilla Tactical continues to offer.

  14. T (verified owner)

    I ordered the glock 17/19 with a tlr-1 for my arex delta g2 M. Odd combo but with the light it fits perfectly. It’s got enough room for the sig romeo X I am planning to put on there. Honeslty you can run a leupold Delta point pro and still be fine (hood might be a little low however). The holster seems really well made and thick polymer for the whole thing.. The thumb break looks alot like the spetz gear speed lock which is a pretty robust design. You pretty much can’t out run it has a strong spring and solid lock up no complaints. I am now recommending this holster to my guys who need a level 2 holster sub 200$.

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