GTTK – Guerrilla Tactical Trauma Kit

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As a company that holds the preservation of life up to the highest standard we wanted to build a high quality customized IFAK that was guaranteed to work when it was needed most. What we came up with was the Guerrilla Tactical Trauma Kit (GTTK). Built primarily with gunshot wounds and knife inflicted stab wounds in mind, this user friendly IFAK has everything one would need to stem or stop the flow of blood during trauma based incidents. Our kits are built around and satisfy all areas of the MARCH (Massive hemorrhage, Airway, Respirations, Circulation, Head injury/Hypothermia) model.

Contents include:
4″ ETD Trauma Dressing
Quikclot Combat Gauze
Hyfin Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack
Wound Packing Gauze
4″ Elastic Wrap Bandage
Nasal Trumpet
Cat 7 Tourniquet
Mini Sharpie
Emergency Blanket
Fox Eye Shield
Trauma Shears

In stock (can be backordered)


3 reviews for GTTK – Guerrilla Tactical Trauma Kit

  1. Spencer

    This gttk was the first ifak I’ve ever had and it saved my friends life. Out in the middle of the desert my buddy and I were having a morning of some firearms training. Upon returning to our cars to repack our mags I heard an unexpected gun shot go off.
    Once I turned around and looked at my friend, I asked if he was ok and he said “nope I shot myself”. While he was putting his .45cal pistol back into his holster, he ND’d into the side of his leg. We both sprung into action and got down on the ground to start assessing the damage. I opened the GTTK and pulled out the trauma shears to open up his pants and socks to expose the wound. Once we determined a tourniquet was needed I grabbed the provided CAT7 tourniquet and applied it 4” above the wound. This wound made a trench all down the side of his leg so for added blood control we also packed some of the provided hemostatic gauze along the trench of the wound as well. Wrapped everything up with the provided compression bandage and waited over an hour for paramedics to arrive and take him to a hospital where he thankfully made a full recovery.
    Big thank you to Guerrilla Tactical for providing the community with life saving equipment that I believe everybody should take the time to learn how to use and train with.

  2. Eli (verified owner)

    Reputable contents at a great price, I love the Mulitcam pouch I got with it on the site.

    Once again the most rad dudes and products.

  3. Nick (verified owner)

    Good contents and one of the best deals for a 1-and-done kit that has everything I want in it. Worth noting: this kit is *big.* Bigger than I expected as someone who’s only experience with med sipplies is looking at pictures on the internet. I thought I’d be able to EDC this in my tote bag, and put it in my range first aid kit on my belt… neither will work.Very bulky

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