Snakestaff ETQ Wide


Snakestaff has been pushing the everyday carry game hard with their creation of their ETQ and ETQ Wide. When it comes to worthwhile kit, Carrying a TQ everywhere you go is of the utmost importance. Despite there being multiple worthwhile options out there, most are too bulky for many of people to justify keeping on their person every day. The ETQ and ETQ wide easily allow you to do just that. As a company we welcome innovation and commend people for taking the steps to be more prepared. We are excited to now be one of the first retailers of Snakestaff products.

Pair it with our ECS for an unstoppable way to EDC.


The ETQ™ is compact, yet effective, making it easy to have on hand. Think of our ETQ™ as the SIG 365® of TQ’s: Both are small and designed for carry and concealment.

Carabiner windlass lock: Windlasses that are bumped and unwind in transport have proven deadly. Our patent pending locking carabiner gate holds the windlass securely in place.

Textured Windlass: If you’re using a TQ, there will be slippery blood . . . a lot of it. Our textured windlass helps you get a grip in a life and death situation.

Chemlight: The included chemlight breaks upon application so first responders can see where TQ is applied at night.

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